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afirewiel asked:

As a reward for doing such a good job with that last prompt, here is another one: the night of Francis's birth, after everyone is asleep, little Bash sneaks into his brother's nursery to take a look at his baby brother.


Here you are! I hope you like it!

Three-year-old Bash de Poitiers had noticed something different around the castle in the past few days. Queen Catherine was going to have a baby, and if that baby was a boy he would be a prince and the next King of France.

"You won’t be the next King because your papa and I aren’t married," his mama had told him when he asked.

Nevertheless, Bash was excited to have a new baby in the castle. If it was a girl, she wouldn’t be much fun, so Bash was praying to the gods for a brother. Bash would teach him how to ride a horse, sword fight, kick a ball, and take him into the woods with him. Bash didn’t know why his mama looked so sad when he talked about all of the things he was going to do with his new baby brother, because Bash was excited to be a big brother.

Queen Catherine had had a baby boy, and his name was Francis. He had been born earlier than expected, so he was very little. Bash had not been able to see his brother, and he was getting very impatient.

"Mama," he said, pulling on his mother’s sleeve.

"Yes, love?"

"I wanna see my brudder."

"Oh sweetie," she said, picking him up. "I don’t think that’s going to happen."

"Why not?" he asked while playing with his mother’s hair.

"Queen Catherine won’t allow it."

"Why not?"

"It’s a grown-up problem, love."


"I’m sorry. When he comes out of the nursery you can see him."

"Otay mama."

That night, Bash grabbed a candle and quietly went into the hall once he was sure everyone was asleep. Queen Catherine might not allow him to see his brother, but that wasn’t going to stop him from sneaking in. He crept to the door of Francis’s nursery, and slowly opened it and tiptoed to the crib. He poked his head in between the spokes and saw a little head popped out from under the blanket. The baby was small and bald. His eyes were closed.

"Hi Francis," he whispered. "I’m your big brudder, Bash. I’ll teach you wots of fings when you get big."

Francis opened his eyes, and looked right at Bash. He smiled.

"We have the same eyes," he whispered. "We weally are brudders."

Then, Francis started crying, and Bash ran out of the room before Queen Catherine could catch him in there. Over the years, the brothers met in the middle of the night, and Bash taught Francis everything he said he would.


Am i the only one that can see that Lydia is turning into a complete bitch. I hate her character now. HOW DOES SHE HAVE THE AUDACITY to be jealous over Stiles and Malia when Stiles had been in love with her for like 3 seasons and she used and abused his love. I HATE HER! Then she goes and…

How did Lydia “use and abuse” Stiles’s love? Lydia never made Stiles any promises. She never lead him on. She never used his feelings for her as a way to get what she wanted. Just because Lydia didn’t reciprocate his feelings it doesn’t mean that she abused them.

The heart feels what the heart feels. You can’t force a person to love someone. Lydia barely even knew that Stiles existed for most of season 1. And even after she learned of his feelings for her, she didn’t push him away or pretend to reciprocate his feelings when she really didn’t. She took the time to get to know him, both as a person and as a friend and now she is starting to see him as more than that.

As for “having the audacity to be jealous,” no one can control that. Jealousy isn’t something we decide to feel. It just happens.

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